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May 3, 2010

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  1. May 3, 2010 8:40 am

    Rachel, do you know about this?

    Can you lend a book to the Blue Spine Collection?

    Blue Spine is a newly commissioned artwork by artist Shauna McMullan involving the creation of a single, long, blue, line of books borrowed and collected from women throughout Scotland.

    You are invited to take part in this artwork.
    Your book needs to:

    * Have a blue spine or have blue somewhere in the spine and
    * Be written by a woman

    Blue Spine has been commissioned by Glasgow Women’s Library and makes a connection with its plans to re-locate to the Mitchell Library and to become an accredited national resource, a ‘Women’s Library of Scotland’.

    You will be invited to celebrate the opening of the artwork and see your book as part of this collection in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow in June 2010. Following the exhibition your book will be returned to you with a numbered bookmark enclosed, recognising your book’s place within this collection. Your book will need to be borrowed until August 2010 and it is important to include a note of your name, address and contact details with your book. (The cut off point for receiving books is 31st May).

    Please send your book to (or drop it off if you are in Glasgow):

    Blue Spine Collection or Alison @ reception
    Glasgow Women’s Library The Mackintosh Building
    81 Parnie Street Glasgow School of Art
    Glasgow, G1 5RH 167 Renfrew St.
    Glasgow G3 6RQ

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